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Daniel/Cameron Daily

'Cause it's so much better to drool over them together.

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Welcome to [info]dc_daily, a place to share pics, manips, icons, fan fic, etc. of Michael Shanks/Daniel Jackson and Ben Browder/Cameron Mitchell of Stargate SG-1. You can post pics of them separately, but try to keep those to a minimum. Try to include both of them in every post even if they're in separate pictures, one is only mentioned in a caption, etc.

Feel free to chat, but please post a pic, icon, fic, etc. when you're doing so.

This is not strictly a slash community, but be warned that there may be slash (male/male) content in both text and pictures. See rules below for guidelines in posting pictures.


Don't hotlink to other people's images. People pay good money for their bandwidth. Don't steal it by linking to pics on someone else's server. If you don't have your own server, you can upload your pics to one of these free sites:

Use discretion. Everybody has a different opinion on what is offensive, so 'offensiveness' is not going to be the issue here. However, if you're easily offended by homosexual inuendo, you may not want to join. The main rule of discretion is that if your image shows revealing nudity, put it behind a cut and include a warning. If you question whether or not you need a cut, please use one just in case.

Size. Yes, size does matter. If it's bigger than 500px wide, please put it behind a cut. Also use a cut if it's larger than 900px high.

Number of pics. If you're posting more than 2 pics and/or 4 icons, please put the rest behind a cut.

Spoilers. Use a cut for all spoilers and spoiler pics for the current season, even if the ep has already aired in your area. It may not have aired yet for some, so be considerate of them.

Fan fic. When posting fic, include a header and put the rest of the story behind a cut. Required info for headers includes: episode spoilers; rating; warnings for sexual content, character death, language, violence; whether it's gen or slash, hetro, or both. Moderators will remove any fics they feel do not focus enough on Daniel *and* Mitchell.

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