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Stargate Re-Watch - Season Nine! 
8th-Apr-2012 10:30 pm [modpost]
Daniel ~ Wiggle it!
Hello everyone!

It's April & yep. Gateworld.net is doing » a re-watch of season 9!

An Advice from the board:

Remember: The point of the Rewatch is not just to watch everything again, but to watch it together as a fan community! So post your thoughts on your blog, on Twitter (hashtag: #SGRewatch), Facebook, or over at GateWorld Forum. Write a new piece of fanfic to go along with what you’re watching, create a new piece of art, chat it up on your podcast — whatever your creative outlet is! Be sure to post a link so we can see it and share it with other Stargate fans.

That sounds like fun, doesn't it? So, get your pretty miktas into gear & be creative! :)

luv & hugs
The Drow
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